Citi Technology x Virtual Hackathon

183 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5
183 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 5

Winners are announced.

starts on:
Jan 29, 2021, 03:00 PM ()
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Feb 01, 2021, 07:00 PM ()



Ramee Karthikeyan

Ramee is a Data Scientist and has been with Citi Private Bank for more than two and a half years. As part of CPB Innovation team, Ramee analyzes data and creates data models for dashboards and analytics. She builds data visualizations, develops data products and utilizes Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms, to create insights from data.

Ketan Reddy

Ketan first joined Citi as a Summer Analyst in 2017 working in Equities Analytics. After graduating from The Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Computer Engineering, he joined Citi full time via the Analyst Program. In the program, Ketan did his first rotation in Commercial Cards then joined Citi Private Bank for his second. Since graduating the Analyst Program, Ketan has stayed on the CPB Innovation team full time as a Senior Engineer. Currently he is leading the Innovation team in developing the next generation of data and analytics platforms leveraging cutting edge technologies. Ketan is also on the forefront of the adoption and standardization of CI/CD pipelines in the Private Bank.

Benjamin Trachtenberg

A Network Engineer 20 years and a Network Automation Engineer 3 years. I have been coding since I was 12 and my first language Apple Basic. Language proficiencies Python, GO, and Java!

Josh Goble

My name is Josh Goble, I have been with Citi for the last 15 years. I am a Senior Vice President and I manage the Global Network Dev Ops and Software Assurance Teams. Our team is responsible for software assurance and creating automation that the Network Operation Teams can use to identify, track and remediate incidents with little to no impact to our global network of over 32k devices. We have recently created the ability to upgrade over 10k devices in 24 hours without interruption to customer traffic and applications and are continuing to roll out new and exciting features to ensure the global network remains stable and safe from vulnerabilities.

Melissa Mathews

Melissa Mathews is Head of Web & Mobile Containers, Cross Domain Dashboard, and Common UI Product Management within the U.S. Consumer Digital organization in Citi’s U.S. Consumer Bank. Melissa joined Citi in July 2017.

Melissa’s teams oversee core Digital Channels for Web ( & Mobile (Citi Mobile for iOS & Android), including overall navigation patterns, dynamic dashboards, Citi Design Standards, Snapshot experiences, and Microsites. Her team has two main objectives: first, to ensure a consistent predictable customer experience across domains, and second, to ensure common tools, solutions, and frameworks are created to aid in the success of all Domain agendas. Some key projects her team has underway include the redesign of and Citi Mobile Apps, as well as building a framework for onboarding, expanded personalization, improving campaign placements to expand relationships, and improving overall system performance. Her teams are also instrumental in providing channel expertise and are technical enablers for partner programs. In the past, Melissa helped to define the overall strategy for the web container and common UI components, was instrumental in delivering key D10X/Citi Ventures projects, and implemented dynamic experiences on Mobile. Melissa has a passion for mentoring women both within Citi and in the Product Management community and presently mentors over 10 women outside of her organization across Technology and Product within Citi. Melissa also teaches an optional “Power of Influence” class designed to help women both personally and professionally to inspire change around them.

Prior to joining Citi, Melissa spent 20 years in the financial services industry leading organizations in the areas of operations (call center sales / collections, underwriting and funding), credit risk, product management, consumer / user experience design, and software design and architecture for supporting consumer, small business, and commercial customers. Melissa spent 8 years supporting large financial institutions as they moved from brick and mortar delivery models to digital customer interactions; supported organizations include US Bank, Bank of America, Chase, SECU, CarMax, and many others. Melissa also led product teams to design customer-facing Credit Monitoring, Identity Monitoring, and Liability guidance services for consumers to improve credit worthiness and reduce overall lifetime interest spend. She was also recognized by the American Banker’s Associated, for her industry leadership in designing an indirect lending software solution and decision engine, adopted by some of the largest indirect lenders in the nation – Capital One, CarMax and Chase.

Melissa has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Penn State University, as well as Product Management Certificate from the Pragmatic Institute.

Paul Andrukonis

Paul Andrukonis is the Director of Personalization & Engagement for the US Consumer Digital organization. Since taking on this role, Paul has deepened customer engagement by expanding Citi’s digital targeting and content personalization capabilities. In this time, he’s driven a three-fold increase in content click-through rates and tripled the revenue earned through digital sales and simultaneously improving customer satisfaction scores with Citi’s digital experience.

In this role, Paul oversees Citi’s efforts to deliver more personalized digital experiences and capabilities that foster customer loyalty, retention, digital adoption and revenue growth. As such, he plays a central role in defining Citi’s digital layout and marketing placement strategies in addition to guiding the vision and requirements for a next generation recommendation engine to deepen customer engagement and grow revenue using best in class machine learning, scenario analysis, and communication prioritization capabilities.

Paul joined Citi in 2006 and has served in a broad range of roles covering numerous functional areas including digital, marketing, analytics, product strategy, marketing operations and process re-engineering. He started his career in Citi’s Decision Management organization where he helped refine Citi’s segmentation, targeting, pricing and communication strategies through the use of profitability metrics, customer characteristics, online behavior, surveys, and purchase transaction data. He subsequently went on to oversee the centralization and automation of the US Cards Marketing Budget Optimization process, which is still in place nine years later and earned him the Chairman’s Leadership Award.

Prior to his time at Citi, Paul earned an MBA with high distinction from Georgetown University and spent 11 years at Lockheed Martin leading and developing software and systems engineering solutions for satellite sytems, command and control systems, and planning and scheduling decisioning systems for the US Government. While at Lockheed, Paul gained valuable general management experience when he led a 40-person software organization and delivered numerous mission-critical upgrades to National Geospatial Intelligence Agency systems.

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